EP 25 Assorted Tunes
EP 25 Assorted Tunes


I Will (Lennon-McCartney) Yer Blues (Lennon-McCartney) Fool On The Hill, The (Lennon-McCartney) She Said She Said (Lennon-McCartney) I’ll Follow The Sun (Lennon-McCartney) I Me Mine (Harrison) Another Girl (Lennon-McCartney) Little Child (Lennon-McCartney) Long, Long, Long (Harrison) Octopus’s Garden (Starkey) Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill, The (Lennon-McCartney) Girl (Lennon-McCartney) I’m A Loser (Lennon-McCartney) I Want To Tell You (Harrison) Good Day Sunshine (Lennon-McCartney) Honey Pie (Lennon-McCartney) No Reply (Lennon-McCartney) I’m Only Sleeping (Lennon-McCartney)

When & Where

January 25, 2024 (8:00 pm) - January 25, 2024 (9:00 pm)

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